We pack and preserve machinery for marine transport

Essential field of our offer is preparation of industrial cargo for marine freight. Machinery dedicated for see freight require special preparation to prevent it from aggressive oceanic environment and comply with phytosanitary regulations.
To meet those requirements we take care about selection of appropriate preservation materials and prepare crates for see freight according to ISPM regulations (IPPC).

Marine packing – step by step

We take overall responsibility for safe and effective handling of customer cargo. This includes:

  • on-site inspection and measurement of shipped goods,
  • design, fabrication and delivery of transport boxes and crates,
  • selection of preservation materials,
  • disassembly of transported machinery (if necessary),
  • loading of machinery into boxes/crates,
  • installation of transport blockages,
  • application of corrosion protection
  • sealing and marking,
  • loading into marine containers,
  • securing of cargo inside container

We guarantee competence and quality.

Based on cargo characteristic we apply selection of preservation materials such as:

  • anti-rust plastic membrane
  • anti-rust paper
  • dehumidifiers,
  • easy-removable greases

On demand we can equip transport crate with dedicated sensors:

  • tilt indicator,
  • impact indicator,
  • temperature sensor,
  • humidity sensor,
  • marking according to customer specification

All packing operations are done with use of qualified equipment and observing high class safetystandards.

Our source of wooden elements for crates and boxes are fully qualified manufacturers and suppliers of relevant materials which comply with ISPM 15 (IPPC) standard.


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